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Welcome to DTS+Winkelmann, LLC, a multi-faceted architectural firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With more than 40 years of combined experience in commercial, residential and specialized design, DTS+Winkelmann is able to provide a full range of architectural services––from civil/site engineering to interior design.

DTS+Winkelmann’s philosophy is one of unquestionable integrity, out-of-the-box creativity and a highly respected level of professionalism. We listen closely to our clients and integrate their ideas into buildings or spaces utilizing cost-effective designs and mutually agreed upon schedules.

Speed and simplicity, along with creativity, integrity and competitive pricing have made DTS+Winkelmann the architect of choice for many successful developers. These same attributes insure that DTS+Winkelmann is the right choice for you. Please accept this invitation to learn more about us, and our approach to client service and design.

See more on the Imperial Ballroom historic resortation.
Imperial Ballroom at Amway Grand Plaza